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Ms. Browning lives in Northern California with her husband and best best rascal dog ever, Tukee.

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Are you bogged down in conflict? Are you exhausted at the end of the day and find you have accomplished little or nothing except arguing or refereeing other people’s arguments? Do you wish you did not have so many fires to put out, conflicts to face and complaints to field?

Anne Browning has been using Brain Techniques, Positive Psychology and Communication Training to put out fires, solve conflicts, increase moral, and build solid relationships for over 25 years. 

Her philosophy of “There is always a solution” assists both organizations and individuals. Ms. Browning offers both short term solutions and long-term change that yield results for all involved. She combines her training as counselor and coach along with a variety of processes and techniques to assure successful outcomes.

vision350Ms. Browning’s passion for positive change and solution-based connections bring you the help you need and want.

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